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Critical comms for autonomous UAV operations

Our miniaturised communication system enables satellite and cellular connectivity for UAVs, helping you on your journey towards BVLOS.

An always-available secure datalink between vehicles, remote operators and air traffic control. Facilitating partners to develop new capabilities including command and control for safety, telemetry, data services, voice and video streaming.

Go anywhere

We offer global coverage through Viasat ELERA and cellular networks. Velaris is Viasat’s first service specifically designed and developed for commercial UAVs, providing customers with the certainty of ubiquitous connectivity and safety services wherever they fly.

This map is for general information purposes only and no guarantee is given of accuracy or fitness for a particular use. Coverage is subject to change at any time.

Cloud ready with edge computing

  • A reliable, secure and rich platform for UAV service and application development.
  • Facilitating secure, intelligent routing of satellite and cellular data through SDWAN connection to cloud services.
  • Seperate path and QoS for C2 and telemetry data.
  • Our Velaris multi-link module includes an on board edge compute engine, allowing easy integration of airframe elements (e.g. sensors).

Omni-directional stand-alone antenna specifically designed for use with Velaris terminals

  • Designed for L-Band Satcom
  • 210g (7.4 oz)
  • 104mm Diameter (4.1”)
  • 72mm Height (2.8”)
  • SMA Jack connection
  • 4x M4 mounting holes

Flight trial development kits

Our terminals have been tested in BVLOS flight trial operations in the US and Europe. Our flight trial development kits include hardware, airtime and support.

Deployable on all UAV platforms, from small lightweight quadcopters to GA aircraft. Contact us today.


Partnering with:

Your partner for aerospace development

TTP deliver science & technology driven innovation to clients in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace. We offer UAV operators our extensive experience in the development of terrestrial and satellite communication solutions, sensors, systems integration and autonomous technologies.

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Delivering the right connectivity to unlock the potential of UAVs

Viasat Velaris provides secure communications for commercial UAVs to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight and seamlessly integrate with aircraft in commercial airspace. It allows operators to securely send their UAVs on long distance flights and access a variety of value-added applications, such as real-time tracking and remote operation.

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